Improved Braking

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When you are driving, nothing is more important than your ability to bring your car (and your passengers) to a safe and complete stop without damaging property or endangering any other cars or pedestrians. And the key to effective braking lies in the ability of your tires’ to maintain a strong “grip” on the road – even at high speeds and under challenging conditions.

Gripping Edges Image

On wet or rough surfaces, the gripping edges on the tread blocks on the surface of your tires can make the difference between a safe stop and a loss of traction leading to a dangerous skid down the highway. Tire siping gives the existing tread a “helping hand” by adding hundreds of additional gripping edges to the tread blocks and extending the window allowed for maximum braking power. In fact, the micro edges on a siped tire surface is scientifically proven to reduce the vehicles braking distance on wet and icy roads.

Below you can see the results of independent tests showing how tire siping improves braking performance.

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