Increased Tire Life

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When you’re a tire, life can get pretty rough – literally and figuratively. In a typical day, you might have to deal with water, snow, ice, road debris, potholes, loose gravel, a variety of chemicals spilled on the road and much more. In general, poor road conditions translate into severe abuse on the surface of your tires. And as any experienced car owner knows, all that abuse can dramatically reduce tire life. However, by adding tire siping you can help your tires to better respond to these conditions and actually extend the life of your tires.

Once a tire has been “siped”, by cutting hundreds of tiny grooves or “sipes” into the tread blocks, the tire has a higher level of micro-flexibility. With increased flexibility, the tire surface is better able to “give” and respond to uneven road surfaces and thereby reduce the impact on the tire as a whole. Additionally, since siping improves tire traction and tire braking, it also reduces the risk that the tire will skid or slide on the roadway. Another important benefit of tire siping is reduced operating tire temperatures. The additional tire sipes created by tire siping allow air to better flow thru the tread block reducing the tires temperature during operation. Tires that operate at lower temperatures are proven to last longer. All of these additional benefits created by tire siping improve the life of your tires.

Tire siping can be a terrific way to maximize the life of your tires!

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