Smoother Ride

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In an ideal world, your tires would ride over nothing but dry, newly paved roads, and traveling in your car would be as comfortable as floating on air. No bumps. No dips. No debris. No loss of traction at anytime. But for those of us living in the “real” world, we simply do not expect to drive over perfectly smooth roads on a regular basis, and our tires are hit with a wide range of adverse road conditions every time we go out for a drive. As those road conditions become more extreme, the passengers in your car will likely experience a more uncomfortable ride.

Of course, other than calling your city council, there is very little that you can do about the condition of the roads you must drive. But with siping technology, you can significantly improve your tires’ ability to respond effectively to those changing conditions.

Flexibility Image

By cutting hundreds of tiny grooves (or “sipes”) into the tread blocks, the siping process gives the tires a higher level of micro-flexibility. With increased flexibility, the tire surface is better able to “give” and respond to changing road conditions. This results in a smoother, safer ride for you and your passengers.

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