“I have an ’02 Dakota QuadCab 2WD w/ posi rear. Stock it came with 16" Goodyear tires. They were OK all-around tires. Well, I switched to a set of 18" wheels/tires and decided to keep the stock 16" wheels around for winter use. Being the 16" tires would only be used for winter I decided to give siping a try. WOW! Although I only have 2WD you could hardly tell it by the way my truck goes through the muck. I can’t think of a reason NOT to do this!”

Jacksonville, IL

“In 1997 I bought a 1995 Chevy 1/2 truck Z71, I had put a 4" lift kit on the truck and bought a set of BF good wrench tires 33×12.50 15" mud terrain. After about 20,000 miles on this set of tires, mostly highway, the tires looked badly, the lugs where wore but not all in an even grade. It seemed that every other lug was worn more than the other. I was living in McKinney TX at the time and a Discount tire store just opened there. I stop by to get a price for new tires and the sales man mentioned to me that my tires would do better if they had been sipped. As he explained sipping to me I was not sure about this, it seemed very funny to me to cross cut my tires new or old. I thanked the men for his time and did some research about sipping, and what I could find helped me to decide to have it done. I went back to the store and order a new set of tires and to have them sipped. That was the best thing for my truck I had ever done. The ride was so much smoother, the noise was gone and the way it handled on the road as well as off was just amazing. The tire life of my truck was greatly exceeded. I sold my truck a year later, that was after another 30,000 plus miles on the original set of tires that I had sipped and the tires still had at least 65% of tread left and the wear was even over the whole tire. Sipping had at least doubled the life of my tires at that time. I continue today to tell every one about sipping there tires especially if they are off road tires. I now have a ford excursion 4×4 and will be putting a 4" lift on it and as you well know be now, the tires will be off road tires that will be sipped. Jarrod Daniels Sipped tires for Life!!!!!”

Rowlett Texas

Success stories from siping providers:

“We have siped lots of our customers tires and they can’t say enough good things about it.”

Discount Tire Co
3711 South Main St
Elkhart, IN 46517

“Great Machine helps improve bottom line”

Alan Brown Tire Center / Les Schwab Tire Center
1155 SW Coast Hwy
Newport, OR 97365

“We started 15 yrs. ago selling mostly used tires. Soon the customers forced us to also sell new. We bought mostly used tire equipment and a used siper was offered to us. We thought it might be another profit center so we started using it on the new tires. We liked the performance of siped tires in Wisconsin winter and soon had more and more customers on sipes. They in turn told their friends and we had a busy siper. After a dozen years of siping we have never seen anything negative about it, and most certainly plenty of positives”

Affordable Tire Co.
1841 Hwy. 53 N.
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729